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Manage Lines,


LineApp is a virtual queue management system designed to enable safe physical distancing by eliminating the physical queue.

Manage Lines,

Online. For Free.

LineApp is a free virtual queue management system designed to enable safe physical distancing by eliminating the physical queue.

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Electronic Queuing System


Offer A Better

Customer Experience.

Waiting in line is frustrating, and it often leads to poor employee treatment and customer complaints. With a queue management system, your customers can wait where they want and receive timely updates right on their mobile device.

Line Management Software

More Than Just Safe Social Distancing

How LineApp can help.

Let customers join the line from their phone and wait remotely for their turn.

Regulate the number of customers in your business at any time.

Alert customers when their wait is up with SMS or virtual call-back.

*Safe, Contactless Payment Options.

Collect client data for marketing & COVID updates.

Automate social

Simple. Powerful.

Easy to Use.


Electronic Queuing System

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Line Management Software

Contact Customers When Their Turn Is Up

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Electronic Queuing System App
Electronic Queuing System
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Queue Management App
Queue Management App

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Improve your walk-in customer experience with app-scheduled appointments so clients can free up their day until their appointment time approaches.


Monitor customer flow with a check-in and check-out enabled QR code. Have a long checkout line? Allow shoppers to reserve a spot while they continue browsing.


Skip the pricey pagers by texting guests when their table is ready. Managing take out orders? Reduce crowded entrances, save your staff from shouting out names/numbers, and mark orders as served when picked up.


Patients can check in for their appointment and be given real-time updates on their appointment status. Improve the walk-in experience with SMS alerts. Operate a pharmacy? Let customers shop until their prescription is ready to be picked up.


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