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Line Management Software


Walk-Ins with

No Wait Outs

LineApp makes it simple for walk-in services to manage their waitlists and appointments. Our virtual queue management solutions reduce walkaways and no shows, increase customer satisfaction, and improve your operational efficiencies

Line Management Software


Take the Wait

out of Waitlists


Provide a safe experience

for your team and visitors

Overcrowding increases exposure risks to COVID-19 and other diseases. By limiting current customers in the store you’re protecting your employees’ health and your customers’ well-being. This helps reassure your staff and visitors that proper safety precautions are in place.

Socially Distanced Waiting Line Management


Make sure you’re not turning

away interested customers

With LineApp, it’s easier to monitor your store capacity and manage your traffic. By keeping physical waiting lines shorter, you encourage customers to come in while avoiding overcrowding. Make it effortless to meet health and safety guidelines and stay within legal capacity limits to avoid non-compliance.


Boost customer satisfaction

and loyalty

Give your customers the flexibility to wait anywhere with LineApp’s online waiting line solutions for mobile queuing. They can wait outside, in their car, at home, or while running other errands and hold their spot in the queue. With SMS updates and notifications, you can let them know to come in when it’s their turn.

Appointment and Waitlist Apps
Online Waitlist Management App


Grow your business

through smarter organization

Fill your schedule by allowing your customers to schedule appointments ahead of time so you can allocate the right resources and staff needed for the best level of service. With LineApp, you can spend less time worrying about no shows and tracking people down, and more time on taking good care of your customers.


No more juggling walk-ins,

cancelations, and rescheduling

Avoid scheduling nightmares, no shows and messy paper appointment calendars. You can set up your virtual queue with LineApp in just a few minutes. By providing a self-service online booking and queuing system to your customers, you cut operation costs and streamline your processes. 

Waiting Line Management


LineApp Works

Like This

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Line Management Software

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Electronic Queuing System
Digital Line Management Software
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Queue Management App


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With Ease.