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Low-touch, digital queueing has never been easier.

Waiting Line Management

Customers hate waiting in lines.
It’s a research-proven fact.

That’s why we built LineApp.

LineApp is a cloud-based queue management system that allows businesses to handle customer queues efficiently. We offer a fully operational turnkey solution that includes a complete suite of tools for online scheduling and queueing. 

In less than three minutes, you can have your own electronic line management solution as your waitlist manager. Our intuitive, easy-to-use application can be tailored for a variety of industries and any size of organization, covering basic as well as complex needs.

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Securter Systems Inc.

LineApp is part of a suite of applications developed by Securter Systems Inc.

Securter Systems, Inc. develops proprietary, patent-pending credit card payment platform innovations to increase the security of online credit card payment processing, globally.

Securter’s technology streamlines contactless processes, including an upcoming innovative e-payments solution that turns any smartphone into a personal POS.

Digital Line Management Software

LineApp makes it cheaper and easier to manage your waitlist, order backlog, and just about any other waiting scenario.

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What is LineApp?

LineApp is a virtual queue management system designed to enable safe physical distancing by eliminating the physical queue.

How does LineApp work?

For Business: Simply register for Free and deploy your line management system instantly. You will be assigned your unique QR code and can choose your line settings. Call or send sms messages to customers when their turn is up and request Customer Payments. 

For Shopper: Scan QR code to join the virtual line from your phone. Keep track of how fast the line is going with estimated wait time. Get a call or sms message when it’s your turn at the front of the line. Pay contact-free with Securter’s scan to pay system.*

Does it cost anything to use LineApp?

The LineApp line management solution is easy to deploy, easy to manage and is absolutely FREE! 

Click here to schedule a demonstration with one of our sales representatives.

How long does it take to set up?

Just register on our website and print out a supplied QR code. Our team of LineApp experts will guide you through everything you need to know and train you and your staff on how to use our line management software.

What happens if my customer doesn't show up when they are next in line?

The LineApp line management solution has a unique holding queue feature. It ensures your customers never lose their place in line. If your customer isn’t present when it’s their turn in line, you can give them a call letting them know that their place is being held. You can also choose to serve the next customer in line.

How accurate is the estimated wait time?

LineApp uses a custom algorithm to estimate waiting times. The wait time is estimated based on the average customer processing time set for the queue multiplied by the number of customers ahead.

How do I communicate with a waiting customer?

When it’s their turn in line, you can give a customer a call. They will also receive an automatic web notification letting them know it’s their turn now! 

If I use multiple queues, then does each one have it's own estimated wait time?

Yes. We understand that your services might vary by time to complete or complexity. The LineApp queue management system is set up to provide estimated wait times for each unique virtual line.

Can I change the number of people that can safely wait in my lobby?

Not at this time. Line and capacity management is more important now than ever. The LineApp team is working hard on adding new features every month so you could manage your lines with ease. Please subscribe to our newsletter in the footer to be the first to be notified once this feature is live.

What happens if my customers try joining the virtual line outside of my business hours?

LineApp ensures that your clients can only join the line when you’re open for business.


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